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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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johnny maple seed

maybe not everywhere, but here in south jersey this has been a bumper crop spring for the farmers growing maple seeds--you know, those little hellicopters that come twirling down from the maples a few at a time--this year they've come by the thousands--nay, millions, billions, trillions of seeds--they landed everywhere, lawn, garden, walks, roads, cars, even on people out for a stroll--and they also landed in rain gutters--gutters are normally up up there where it's a matter of ladder and determination to clear clear leaves and what not--usually an annual fall job--this spring the maple seeds took over and in such numbers they formed a nice mat in the gutters of myville that eventually, due in part to the vast quantities of rain, they sprouted: gutter reforestation and true to form for this spring's weather, it is once again raining, great heapin' buckets of rain as i type--but i got the jump on it last evening and did a 'clear cut' of the gutter maple forest so now the water, once again flows freely--or so i think; i'm not going out in the rain to check...

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Oooh, I like it. For some strange reason....

What if you left them there. You'd have a nice little forest all around your roof.

ya know, mary, i actually considered it -- not on the house gutters but this pic is my work/storage building

it woulda been interesting to see just how tall they'd get by fall -- but when the non-rainy-season hit later in the summer, they'd all die anyway

first time this sorta thing has happened, but it's all over the neighborhood

well, yes, they were quite happy there and it sorta transformed the quality of the neighborhood to a mapley 'moss covered cottage' place -- but sometimes, man must intervene in the ways of nature -- heheeee

Oh, great earth-master, plant me.

..yes yes, earth mother, i find you to be an exceptional vessel for seed planting

*glad she has ground cover; moves silk flowers out of the way*

i hope there's no poison ivy in this ground cover *pokes around with staff*

I repeat: Does this look infected to you?

*gently probes indicated area* how does this feel?





Boy isn't that the truth! I am guilty of owning one of those "bunny making machines". LOL tree babies everywhere. It's been fun. That was the bulk of my weeding. I can not believe how FAST they grow!

they are the 'weed of the year' aren't they? i think i've gotten them all out of the garden and next day they're back and 2" tall already -- some kind of evil magic

well if only the things you wanted to grow would be so prolific :)

don't have gutters on the house and don't miss em.

Hope the cool days last a little before the heats come back to get things hyper growing again

yeah, that's the thing with weeds! they do outgrow what "i" want to grow -- me vs the mother --

yup, all this wet and the grass shoots up an inch a day when the sun does appear

And Mother Nature is so patient!

it is amazing all the things that have grown up in my one year old house's garden with a good year of rain. Mostly wonderful things that didn't blossom last year.

I am glad and happy

but I LOVE that picture and I know it's a pain, but it's SO beautiful!
I'd help you clean them out..I miss the weather you are having right now.

..oh yes, they were, i agree and it was so neat to see the same thing all over the neighborhood but pluggin' the gutters brings up images of water damage -- not so good, not so beautiful and a bigger pain in the ass

it would've been great to have your help, mel, maybe next time? ;-)


at least you kept them alive through Arbor Day! LMAO!!!

yup, and i just know i'm gonna have 'em growing all through the compost :)

they were terrible this year....I gotta pressure clean my deck cuz of those maple seeds!

our gutters are growing too!

that photograph makes me feel so happy.

thanks for posting it and making my day :)

hey sam, you're very welcome

i was tempted to just let em grow but i didn't want squirrels nesting in them ;-)

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