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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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morning chill...

..and the sun's just peeking through the trees with it's golden glow promising to push out the chill -- here's to the sun! raise your cups high...

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I'd rather have the morning chill.....I hate the heat. It is a muggy morning here in Michigan. Therapy day!

Have a good day Ed!

hey vickie--you have a good one too! (no car probs today!!)

i agree about the humidity, it's the nasty part of any weather; cold or heat is always worse with dampness -- boo to dampness rel hum should never be higher than 33% :)

I LOVE that icon, Ed!

Your words continue to surprise and comfort me. since day hm.....whatever the day was that you talked to me!
lucky me!
love ya and have a good day!

heh, my words often surprise me too, gina :)
loveya too!

Two C-cups aimed at the Mother of Light and Warmth. ;Þ

Now if I could only FIND it...today it's as elusive as a nipple in my Frederick's...

The sun is up and out here in Chicago, but it is still cold as heck. Darn. I need some more powerful voodoo.

heh, next trip you might consider Haiti :) -- getting all settled back into life in the states?

~grin~ It was actually quite warm in Europe... in the mid 80s the entire time. Very out of character for that time of year. I just wish it would warm up here.

I am back... but not settled. We are moving things around now so that we can try to move to Vienna a.s.a.p. I want out of here.

I'm commenting now...because in 3 minutes when the news is on...I'll let you know what I REALLY think.....
*kiss, kiss*!

..it's hard to equal a pre-news kissy face session...

......three guesses.....



1. ham & eggs
2. group c
3. loose stools

ham and eggs usually leads to choice C

..i'm relatively sure that green eggs would lead to severe abdominal distress -- those that actually prefer green eggs tend to keep a good supply of imodium on hand (or in the medicine cab)

hey ed,

I hope your day went well with the sun and all...

do you have any expert words for my morbid entry this fine evening?!
Ah, dont mind me...I am just scared about posting it. As always.

Don't be scared. The demons do not own you. You are far stronger than they and your words prove that.

I Love You,

Gina.....you're referring to part II i think -- i've read it through several times now -- it's extremely powerful; i image the visions that keep repeating in you mind's eye and feel a sense of a horror that was and continues to be a part of your life -- i see the enacting of the unthinkable trauma which no young person should be forced to endure -- your words remind me that there does exist in this beautiful world some pockets of disease so foul, so utterly disgusting, so beneath the level of anything human as to seem to be composed of other elements entirely

i have no means by which i can begin to understand your revulsion at hideous hands grasping from another world, a world of damnation and blackness so dense it carries an oppressive weight that seems to defy lifting

but in reading your words and sensing your pain and possibly even an unhappiness with yourself i can still see a beacon to the stars, a shining light that blasts forth from the depths and the slime and says to the world, i was blackened and bruised and harmed beyond comprehension and yet i survived and each day i grow stronger and my light will never again be dimmed by the filth of the world

i think you are an unbelievably strong woman, Gina -- a strong and gifted woman who will be doing much to improve the world -- i am so glad to know you -- please know that if you need a shoulder to lean on or a warm arm to hold you, i am here

second time tonight I have been made to cry.

i have to process what both and vickie said to me tonight.

and thank you is a complete understatement.

what you wrote needs to be in my journal. your words need to be read by everyone.
your words were so beautifully written and poignant...tears were stopped because they dove so deep.

I want to be able to read this more. it really helped me.
no doubt.

gina, i'm so glad that you find what i say helpful -- i means a lot to me to be of help to you -- what i did write came as a response to the things in your post so you were my inspiration...

Crying again.

awww vickie, sweetheart, i hope they're not sad tears but tears of some relief

time for me to hit the sack, i think -- good night...

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