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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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the vintage day continues...

i've already had 2 or 3 mood changes--no details cause i'm not gonna relive em--it's too nice a day, dry sunny and not too hot and there's not anything else i have to do till almost 5:00--morning 'bus run' is over stopped at the grocery on the way home (delightfully empty :)--so, let the real day begin...

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Were you taking *my* moodswings

when I wasn't looking? Because I've had the same thing.


Re: Were you taking *my* moodswings

hey there, mel -- a special happy day to you :) -- yeah, well maybe we've had similar reasons or maybe we're just aligning our moon phases ;-) -- definitely something to watch -- hope your workaday goes well :) -- nicehugs to you too...

hey, this must be catching because I have too!! I started off good, went graveyarding, came back and was suddenly down in the dumps. Spoke on IM to my pal schnoops and felt so much better again. I'm a firm believer that human interaction can make a person feel good.

bipolar virus strikes bloggers...

do ya think??

Re: bipolar virus strikes bloggers...

It's a teeny weeny weak virus. It got knocked dead with a dose of chatter with friends, coffee and sunshine ;-)

Re: bipolar virus strikes bloggers...

ahhh good news -- who and atlanta's cdc will be happy

Re: bipolar virus strikes bloggers...

I feel like a total airhead now. What's atlanta's cdc. . .cold damp climate? :-)

Re: bipolar virus strikes bloggers...

heh, atlantans would love that moniker

center for disease control (may not be on the tip of everyone's tongue outside of the states :)

Re: bipolar virus strikes bloggers...

o i c :-) yeah, Atlanta's a bit hot and muggy innit?

Re: bipolar virus strikes bloggers...

So...the Center for Disease Control is on the tip of YOUR tongue?! LOL.

*holds up a big cross/bulb of garlic*

(P.S. I'm tired, TOO...;Þ)

why am i not surprised -- and how was your day? ... ;)

Best one so far. Wish I had more.

good days do beg for repetition

I quote one of our Motown bro's:

"And, I second that emotion."

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