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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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thought for the day...

..good oral hygiene is important to you and those around you -- brusha brusha brushhh ah

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sometimes -- you are so ZEN!


and I LIKE that about you..

..tam, that's such a nice thought -- can this day get any better?


well maybe if you could get yourself some strawberries with whipped cream.. but otherwise: no! it's on maximum level! eheheh

yes!! and they're soo in season here; yummy and fresh, not shipped in from elbonia sprayed with some elixir to preserve them for 26 days then allow them to mold in 5 minutes flat

hey ed! did you see my 'ode to Ed' today?

go to my journal, and see what you deserved for today! :)

double wowser! you are definitely some special person -- how is it that we don't live closer together -- we should you know!


yep, we should live closer together indeed! :)

LOL! grammar mistake -- or Freudian slip?! LOL

yep, we should live closer to each other(!) indeed! :)

indeed! now i'll be having dreams of togetherness which won't take a freuder to interpret :) -- wheeeee

hah, I need you around when I have bad mornings. Seems you're a morning person.

I hope you have a good day.

hope things go well for you today, stacey

yeah, i'm definitely a morning person -- the only downside is i know it's as good as it's gonna get that day -- i just haveta somehow maintain where i am :)

only a little bit random

we have a mutual friend in slit.

and i applaud your thought. clap clap clap.

Re: only a little bit random

thank you thank you, amilie -- i love your name; have ever since a special friend took me to the movie :) -- i glanced at your lj and i think you just escaped from hi school (congratulations!!) and are on your way to bryn mawr (presumably in the fall), so hi neighbor, across the river -- hit college running!

boy always a good community service act to keep the halatosis down

but I have to work on caring for my jack russell terrier's teeth as well. The chew treats have helped but have to break out the puppy brush and toothpaste and get her started keeping the teeth in shape

so they have whitener strips for dogs? I am sure someone is trying to find a way to get pet owners to pay up LOL

Re: teeth and brushes

heh, good luck -- we bought a brush and paste for 'peanut' over a year ago and haven't noticed any difference ('course we haven't actually used it yet :)

Re: teeth and brushes

well Alix likes both her paste and mine :-)

so either way she is set for good oral hygiene

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