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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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hey, it's your monday...

..happy monday to you, happy monday to you...happy monday dear mzzumbbblle, happy monday to youuuu!

yes, dear friends, here we are at the front end of another lovely work week (or play week, or stay the hell in bed week, or wish you were dead week, or wish someone else were dead week...whatever) -- isn't it nice to be up and at it bright and early (whatever it you're at) even if you only had 2 1/2 hours rest -- stop moaning about it and wipe on your happy face; there ya go, now off to work wi' ya; bring home the bacon; baby needs a new pair of shoes...

coffee must be ready by now..............

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yay! it's Monday! And a beautiful sunny one too! I'm going to the graveyard today! :-)
Have a good day and enjoy that cawfee.

yay! sunny here as well -- have fun trippin' through the gravestones ...

I've tripped and I'm back! Gee, it's hot out. Will post pics in a bit :-) Now for coffee!

definitely have your beans first...

ok, so what happy DRUG are you on eh!! :P


you've made me smile now in all your posts!!!


you've made me smile ...

you can't imagine how good that makes me feel :-)

Re: you've made me smile ...

isn't great, we make each other smile! :O)

we're happy-buddies


ed, you dont know how much your post helped me this morning!
im draggety and tired, somewhat cranky for not getting some work done last night....

but i should just 'suck it up. eh?'

baby needs a new pair of eyes


aww gina, i'm super glad if it helped; but no, i don't really want anyone to just suck it up and move on; if you're tired, take some more rest time and get the 'stuff' done later -- here's a nice cold cloth to put on your eyes; now go lie down ;-) -- hope things improve

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