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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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so...yes, i'm baaack!

..i must report i misjudged our departure time; we didn't actually get away till 8:40 -- heyyy, but what's 40 mins between friends? all that aside, i did have a fine time -- dinner with the son, a lunch with his g/f and her parents, saw the play she worked on and talked with some of the production guys and the kids (it was a community project in conjunction with yale's theater dept) -- the play dealt with what it's like to be an immigrant child in the us (good number of foreign students in new haven schools) -- the kids and the adults did the whole kaboodle from writing to sets -- they really did a great job!

didn't have much in the way of photo op but when i get out what's in the cam, i'll stick up 1 or 2

jeff and i got to talk bikes and trikes (and other stuff too) while the mom sat around bored for a while then began to snap some pix -- jeff's working in a bike shop for the summer

also got to check out a photo exhibit ("art on the edge") at one of the campus museums -- saw some innovative things there

that's enough crap for now, huh? besides i gotta go eat :)

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I'm glad you had fun!

Happy Father's Day! *HUGS*

Re: I'm glad you had fun!

aww thanks, it was nice to get to see one of the kids -- miss jenn though -- hugs back to ya!

Hope you had a fantastic "Father's Day". :)

i did i did, thank you very much

Glad you had a great trip and got to have some quality father/son time :-) Happy father's day (although at 1.41am it's now Monday here ;-))

thanks, gwen

heh, well, here it is monday here as well -- good things sometimes come to those who just sit around and wait (but not as often :)

I didn't even know you were gone! and here i was sulking to myself: where's ed? where's ed? haven't seen ed around?



good to hear you had a good time!! :)

aww, nice to be missed (well, you didn't actually say i was missed, but i choose to believe that :) -- now, i believe you have some questions to attend to?


you were sorely missed.. so yes, you assumed correctly.. :)

i know!! those are some really interesting questions you pose me!! i am already thinking about them!! :)

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