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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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so ok, it's 6:55...

..and we were going to leave at 6 -- so we're right on schedule to leave by 8 (i know these things) -- and it's not like we were going to london -- we're going to new haven for fucks sake, and for one night, change of underware and a toothbrush -- i'm not going into the details of getting out the door

let me begin again...i am cheery, i am cheery, i'll be cheery...the whole fuckin' trip :-) -- well, the important thing is seeing jeff and molly la dee dah...

i am bringing my cam (batts recharged & ready) but promise no wonderful pix -- this is new haven, remember

have fun patrolling the web while i'm gone; keep a special eye out for suspicious persons and/or activities and don't get caught with your pants down -- be nice to each other!

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Have a wonderful time Ed!

thanks, gwen

and i did :)

Coolio! No doubt you will tell everyone all about the trip in a post :-)

aww vickie, you're so cute ... and so mindful of your elders ;-)

Oh Ed!
pugs & poodles!
young man!

HUGS back, col -- and speaking of back, i am :)

miss you :( *HUGS*

missed you too...and you know what they say about absence... ;-)

thanks; i did did did :)

i like the new icon!

Man, oh man. You keep this up and you probably needed to change that underwear before you even left!

Looking forward to some great shots.

Here's an idea: How about some of you in your underwear? ;Þ

heh! what makes you think i wear underware?

Ahh--a Renaissance Man; used to be with one many years ago myself...

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