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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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so ok, it's 6:55...

..and we were going to leave at 6 -- so we're right on schedule to leave by 8 (i know these things) -- and it's not like we were going to london -- we're going to new haven for fucks sake, and for one night, change of underware and a toothbrush -- i'm not going into the details of getting out the door

let me begin again...i am cheery, i am cheery, i'll be cheery...the whole fuckin' trip :-) -- well, the important thing is seeing jeff and molly la dee dah...

i am bringing my cam (batts recharged & ready) but promise no wonderful pix -- this is new haven, remember

have fun patrolling the web while i'm gone; keep a special eye out for suspicious persons and/or activities and don't get caught with your pants down -- be nice to each other!

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Coolio! No doubt you will tell everyone all about the trip in a post :-)

aww vickie, you're so cute ... and so mindful of your elders ;-)

Oh Ed!
pugs & poodles!
young man!

HUGS back, col -- and speaking of back, i am :)

missed you too...and you know what they say about absence... ;-)

Man, oh man. You keep this up and you probably needed to change that underwear before you even left!

Looking forward to some great shots.

Here's an idea: How about some of you in your underwear? ;Þ

heh! what makes you think i wear underware?

Ahh--a Renaissance Man; used to be with one many years ago myself...

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