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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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i just recalled, we're going to new haven tomorrow morning and i'm 'spozed to take the pooch to the local canine b&b this afternoon -- but there's time, i think ........

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hey, from one former resident of Hell to another.. hi.. saw your journal/comments on dot's LJ, and thought you seemed nice

My name is Katie, I gladly escaped from Hell (aka, NJ) as fast as I could, now live in Cow Town, Tennessee, am married.. oh, and I am 19 years old.

well, hello katie -- i'm so glad to hear you were able to escape from hell ;-) -- how's life down there in tennessee in cow town -- i think there's some kinda rodeo or flea market or something in south jersey called cow town; ring any bells with you? what part of nj did you break out from -- i'm near exit 4 :)

just took a quick peek at your lj (just cause i can :) -- sorry about the pooch :( -- i guess the area's quite a switch from nj, hey? btw, katie i've added you as well -- nice to meetcha, thanks for stopping by


I escaped from north jersey.. first lived in teaneck, then Wyckoff.. then went to school in New Brunswick (central jersey) and then moved back north to Mahwah before I escaped to TN.

Since I am not from south jersey, Cow town does not sound familiar.. To be more precice on my location, i live in Tullahoma, TN, known for the Arnold Air Force base. I look out my back window and see cows. yay!

Yes, TN is much dofferent from new Jersey, but its a welcome change. I am happier here that i ever was in jersey

My dog is still here in spirit (literally.. he barked at me today, i swear it!), and next week I get a new puppy :)

Nice to meet you too!!!!!

..did you just love telling people you lived in MAH-WAH! i think i know wyckoff, over the hill from red bank, around holmdel ??

do other people also see cows when they look out your window? :-)
now, i don't want to hear 'bout any cow-tippin' -- don't want to give jersey girls a bad rep

barking dog spirits, heh? i see (just joking, i've heard some mighty weird things myself)

No, i hated Mahwah. too rich of a town (plus, i was living w/ a friend and her fam cuz I was w/o a home)

Wyckoff (aka WHACK-OFF)was by: Oredel, Franklin Lakes, Hawthorne, Franklin Lakes, Mahwah...

Our neighbors are farmers.. they own da cows. My hubby and I used to sit on the deck watching the cows (and making fun of them)

And i dont cow tip. A semester at Cook Campus (the Ag campus of Rutgers) taught me to not tease the aminals ;-)

And yes.. Willie loved his mommy so much, he wants to stay here with me. And i dont mind.. its just when i see HUMAN ghosts that i freak

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