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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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visual acuity...

..i gathered some more anecdotal evidance on this morning's foray into nj commuter traffic, further supporting my theory that peripheral vision in the usa is in a condition of atrophy -- i base this on the growing number of accidents or near misses as a result of inappropriate lane changing (i.e. when there's another vehicle in the way and/or without regard to proper use of turn signal) -- some will blame it on the 'blind spot'; so wtf, turn your damn head if you have a 'blind spot', or maybe adjust the mirrors? or better yet, stay off the roads

am i getting ranty (hmmm how similar to another 5 letter word indicating a somewhat different emotional state); maybe a little -- coupla years ago, i had a gazillion ton dump truck casually drift across the lane line and gently kiss $2000 worth of denting into the driver's side of my car...i was 'in his blind spot' -- i wondered how he could see anything with his head obviously shoved so far up his own ass...but i held my tongue (and all's well that ends well)

that is all

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That 2 ton metal meshing dance..

Is so awful. I get so frustrated with Texas drivers, it's hard not to have road rage here. That falls in the:

Self centered
It's all about me
I don't need a blinker-get out of my way however
Good Ole' Boy system

Category here in Texas.

I understand your frustration. However, I'm going to spill the beans and say that I bet being with you in a car is rather soothing. I have my reasons.


could be, could be (for a time :) -- an idea we should look into more thoroughly someday or evening ;-)

LOL... your uses of words.

Head up his ass huh?
A real conisseour...
perhaps just wanted a little piece of yours.... lol

..would that be considered an epic simile? :-) -- perhaps only if it went on for an extended time -- 'course this is usually the case :) with many individuals

meh...you shoulda been here yesterday for the 30 car pile up on Rt 270.
(they blamed it on the storm).---okay, *maybe* that is a valid reason. LOL

great place to have your cam with you :) (actually i do feel sorry for those involved) -- amazing how some people don't realize there's a relationship between slick surfaces, friction of motion and ability to control your vehicle -- stupid fucks!

Indeed....amazingly, only a few injuries...no fatalities.

:) that's nothing compared to the garbage truck that backed into my truck while it was parked in front of my house one day. punching a hole in one side, shredding a tire and bending the rear axle. took 20 days to fix and cost them about 7000$ to fix.

drivers are all retarded.

backed into my truck ...

sounds like it was trying to mate, but couldn't figure out where to put it :)

Re: backed into my truck ...

*giggles* maybe. :)

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