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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..i finally got here to check up on you guys an now i can hear the t-storm in the distance -- unfair -- i'll be back later

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Yeah, we had horrible storms here again tonight. They started around 6 and went on for a couple of hours. I shut my computer down AGAIN and that was just going against my nature...but I'm glad I did. LOL

u want storms? for about 2 months now, Rain a;lmost every day

Twister took out a few trees the other day.. hit all the good ones, missed all the maples

weird spring weather...

and speaking of maples, there was such a bumper crop of maple seeds this year that, not only are they popping up all over the yard and veggie garden, they are so thick that they are growing in all the rain gutters! i really gotta go clean those buggers out...

Re: weird spring weather...

We have: maple trees in our rain gutters (well, actually,. cleaned those out a few weeks ago) in flower pots w/ no flower, but dirt..

oh, and in a pot with a FAKE plant and REAL dirt (go figure)

we have so many god damned maples, we are ready to just tear them all down!

the twister got a Bradford Pear, our Apple tree, and another tree, dunno what it is (was)...

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