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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

good morning...
i feel all dressed up (barefoot, shorts and a tee shirt) and no where to go
a participle with no object
maybe this would be a good day to go back to bed and remain...

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eh, once i'm up, i usually stay up--been up for about 2 hours now--guess i'm committed to the day, but it seems so oppressive, the air's real close, like a warm damp cellar

Sounds like a good idea.
Is it raining?

hey lisa! rained a hell of a lot last night but all's calm now but it feels like the eye of the storm, like as soon as i start doing something outside, it'll piss all over me

it will.....
I actually wish we WOULD get these severe thunder storms...at least thunder and lightening liven it up a bit.

oouuu, that could be cool -- i really enjoy a good ol' flashing, blowing and kabooming t-storm -- one of nature's grand spectacles!

Morning Ed! How about going for a walk (with brolly) and taking in the wonders of nature or baking a cake, or making a cup of tea (or coffee or whatever your particular temptation is) and watching a favourite movie, or just doss around and chat to all your friends on here. . . I'd go for the last option but then I'm selfish like that. It would mean we get lots of your nice company :-)

..got involved and just now getting back -- did we miss our walk (brolly--yet another alias?) -- getting pretty warm now -- i did, however do up a pot of coffee and am doing my best to drink a bunch while it's still relatively fresh :)

Hehe, brolly = brit word for umbrella :-) The sun is shining here too, after very heavy rain. I think I'll have a cup of that coffee with you Ed ;-)

ooooh! i better make a fresh pot -- once again i got sidetracked :)

I'll have a bit of vanilla cream in mine and no sugar please. I'll be right over. . .

dressed up, eh? heh, how cute. That reminds me of when I was at camp. The last day everyone had to dress up and was wearing dresses and things and I had on plaid pants and a tanktop. Everyone was like "dressed up?" I got pissed and when we were going into the dining hall there was a puddle outside and I stomped in it, making water go all over their mini-skirted legs. They weren't happy with me.


what a bizarre idea, getting 'dressed up' at camp -- sounds like you were the smart one who knew how to dress appropriately --- however, stacey, you are a doll....but you can be soo evil at times! ;-) -- yes, i can well imagine that they weren't too happy...

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