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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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a dribbly, drizzly, could-go-on-forever type rain has been falling for a while now -- will it be the kind of rain that slowly but unswervingly washes things away . . .

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We had horrible storms earlier tonight..lost power and everything. Thankfully, I had the foresight (for once) to SHUTDOWN THE DAMNED COMPUTER AND TURN IT OFF! LOL I usually just cross my fingers...glad I didn't this time.

there is a lot to be said for finger crossing :)

it's not fun for people to have to go out and play in that cold dribbly kinda rain, but plants seem to really get off on it.

eh! what the fuck do plants know, sittin' around all the time, rooted to the same spot till they rot...

bitter!!! am i to take it it's still raining? ;)

me? hah! not at all; things are just ducky here -- the last i saw the pooch, she was floating off toward the sea in my wheelbarrow barking something that for sure sounded like, wearzowl, wearzowl (did i mention that i have suspicions she's a transpecieite (new word); does a lot of cat-like things

anyway, it rained like a thousand toilets flushing last night but actually cleared some today -- in fact, i just got back from a trike ride and am now dripping on the keys - slick!

hello sunny woman! how do your flowers grow?

you get the wood...i'll load the animals two by two.....

heh, ok -- this is our big chance to give some direction to evolution -- this has gotta be one of those punctuated equilibrium thingies :)

i wish that miralce rain would come by my door.
id like to wash a few things away...

farewell you

toss 'em my way, gina, i'll just throw all unwanted debris out with the tide

by the way...your last line seems ominous...could that be rephrased??

yeah...youre right.
It does sound ominous doesnt it.

certainly didnt mean that.

talk to ya soon, eh?!


ya, that's much better


Its been a very rainy couple days here too. squish squish

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