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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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check the boat fer leaks...

..the river's risin'

gawd, a reasonable amount of rain for the growies is fine -- but this constant rain rain pour! rain POUR!! rain....the whole damn day is just tooooo much

uh oh...is it the elderly who are always bitchin' about the weather? no no, it's the farmers, right? yeah, that makes more sense--i feel better ;)

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Damn, son! Get those animals on the ark! It's time!!! And don't forget to swing by and pick Wendy up. She can't swim!!! ;o)

TRY to stay dry!

Yeah, and what gets me every time is that the sun will come up and in a hour it will look like desert land. ;)

..when's this mythical sun coming back?

but i know what you mean -- come jul or aug 'round here, it will very much resemble a desert -- in the meantime, do what ya can to keep your toes dry ;-)

Bugger all that rain, it's just not on! Been a nice day here. Hope your weather picks up soon :-) I'm going to bed now. It's 4am :-)

heh! why bother going to bed (to sleep, i mean :) -- might as well stay up and see the sunrise ...

Hehe, the sunrise happened 30 minutes after I went to bed (to sleep ;-)) :-) Scotland has amazingly short nights in the summer. There's even a kind of light quality about the night even at 1 or 2am :-)

the things you learn on the web! ignorant geographer that i am, now i must go check out your latitude...

I reckon that in mid summer we get about 2.5 hours more daylight in Edinburgh than in Washington DC. Northern Scotland and the Northern Isles would get even more daylight hours than Edinburgh. The night is only around 6.5 hours long here on mid summer's night compared with Washington's 9 hours :-)

what a font of knowledge! must be your gypsy ways ;-)

Nah, it's Google ;-p

didn't your journalism teacher tell you to never give up your sources? :-)

Oh, but the internet is a marvellous source of information, although I have to say that there's nothing more satisfying than pottering around a library or book shop. . .one of my favourite pastimes. Waterstones is a large chain bookstore here. The one in Princes Street, Edinburgh has a Starbucks in it. . .now what could be better than that? ;-)

marvellous source ...

..oh yeah, it's just astounding! info on anything and everything

Princes Street, Edinburgh has a Starbucks in it well, damn, i guess life doesn't get much better than that!

Re: marvellous source ...

Oh, ok then. Life does get better than that. But that's one of the better things along with paddling in a cool stream, walking on a deserted beach, climbing to the top of a hill on a glorious day and seeing clear across the county, eating in a good seafood/Italian/chinese/mexican restaurant with friends, sitting by the roaring log fire in mid winter in an English Olde Worlde pub, snuggling on the sofa with a loved one watching Casablanca, scoffing a box a chocolates, having snowball fights and making snowmen and *whispers. . . erm. . .sex* ;-)
Sings. .o/~ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens o/~

Re: marvellous source ...

i know i know...life really is full of treasures, isn't it?

and and and...my favorite things is just about my favorite song from my favorite play--wowser!

Re: marvellous source ...

*grins* I first saw The Sound of Music on my 16th birthday. My boyfriend of the time was a mature and very gentlemanly 21 year old called Martin. He bought me a
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*grins* I first saw <i>The Sound of Music</i> on my 16th birthday. My boyfriend of the time was a mature and very gentlemanly 21 year old called Martin. He bought me a <font size="3"<b>HUGE</b></font> box of my favourite chocolates (Black Magic) and took me off in his little car to see the movie :-) Sadly, Martin was drowned in a canoeing accident a couple of years later :-( Isn't it strange how conversations lead to memories sometimes?

Tell me bout it......even the dawgs have the rain blues
yeah areound here crops are delayed, flower seeds washed away....it's a mess. even pumpkin planting is delayed by a month.

heh! "my" dog, peanut (belongs to jenn but she abandoned her and went off to college) is a poodle--supposedly a water critter--but she hates to go out in the rain; rainy days she just stays curled up, i'm sure she has her legs crossed 'cause she often doesn't go out to take her morning leak till almost noon--whoo!

well most dogs don' tlike the rain or a bath
but show them a lake, and it's swim time.

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