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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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the sun's out (weird!) -- looks to be a nice day -- and i need to spend it playing outside; no phone, no door knocks, no webbie, no troubles--troubles shall remain inside, it's their fucking punishment--and by the end of the day, may they have fallen in the toilet and drowned; then i shall flush them away....farewell troubles, you're nothing but shit to me and i mean to exorcise you with a mere twist of the handle...hah!

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Make certain you put thick bleach down the loo too, just incase the little buggers survive ;-) Have a wonderfully sunny and happy day Ed

I just love you so much.
I hope you have a good day in the sun.
That's what I need too... just to be out.
I promise not to cheat on you...
if you promise not to cheat on me... hehe
I trusting you out of my site for the day.

Hey, you wouldn't be this dear man's treasured other half would you? *smiles* Hi, if you are, pleased to meet you. I'm Holly from the UK :-) And if you aren't, then sorry but Hi anyway :-)

LOL, no... hehe
But it is great to meet you Holly.
I just "love him" ...
just because...
he knows how to say the right thing
just at the right time...

he's a treasure.

*smiles* yes, he's a lovely bloke, a treasure indeed ;-) Very nice to meet you too:-)

wow! you ladies are both so nice to me -- thank you very much, your comments mean sooo much to me :-) -- life really is better when i can maintain a positive attitude; 'course this does get to be a trial at times, doesn't it? and i love you both too for obviously sharing in that belief -- now...let's all hold hands and skip along singing, i wanna be happy, and try to avoid the buggers that are always trying to drag people down to their level of hateful existance --- uooo hope it's not to early in the day for that -- heheeee

hehe, well it's easy to be nice to you Ed, you're such a nice bloke ;-)
Yup, life can be a trial at times but I'm a firm believer in the rollercoaster effect. . .you don't appreciate the ups unless you've experienced the downs. I'm on a downer atm with no job and not enough money to live on but there's still much to be thankful for. . .good health, wonderful sons and friends, comfortable home in a beautiful city, the beauty of spring in this pretty country of mine :-)

much to be thankful for...

..sounds like you have a safe grip on your roller coaster ;-) and are just realling enjoying the ride -- hooray for you!

Um, maybe not. I'm so good at jumping to wrong conclusions ;-)*looks sheepish*

oh wowww--you are soo nice to make me feel so loved, it's like a golden glow wrapping around me--we all need that...sometimes more than others--thank you ;-) and i hope you get out too...

yeah do play in the snow
haha...I meant SUN.
It is going to rain Again Tonight. Bah Humbug!!!

snow! yeah it did seem almost like that was possible a coupla days ago--rain late at night is the way things should be, then stop by daybreak--so come on lisa, come play in the sunshine with me and my friends (the imaginary ones :)

Re: can lisa come out?

haha...yay for imaginary friends!

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