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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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i'm late, i'm late...

..for a very important date...
no time to say hello, goodbye...
i'mlate i'mlate i'mlate...

well, maybe not so much late as getting behinder and behinder--like those growie pix i took on monday...finally a few (at least 9 as of now) can be seen here -- bills i pay at the end of the month are still waiting for attention -- i owe mail to just about everybody on my "absolutely must keep in touch" list -- the house is starting to take on the quality of "johnson st" (a meaningful term only when you know it refers to a squalid, low rent apt in an area replete with more of the same where i lived for a brief period...i didn't even unpack, just lived outta boxes and suitcases, trendy!); so there's a heap of household tasks waiting in menacing stillness.........i could go on but would then 'begin' to appear endlessly verbose--a false impression, indeed

and so, you might well ask, wtf are you doing whacking out nonsense on the keyboard?....and i'd have to say: i dunno, i dunno.....but i do have a good guess

so, to perish that thought...it's off to the land of the laundry mountains and dusty trails...cul

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absolutely lovely that daisy ED!! wow! :) reminds me of some of mine..

thanks, tam -- it's an adventurous lil interloper hanging out with the tiger lilies

curious question: at that 'photo' site, is it obvious you can scroll down to see more? i think it kinda gives the impression that you have to log in or offer up your firstborn to see more--what do you think?

well, I noticed I could scroll down, cus I was doing it automatically -- so for me it was easily noticeable.. but you're right that it could look like you need to log in..

i love alice in wonderland!

and, do you eat the stuff you grow? we have a vegetable garden, but most of what grows goes to our bunny. ;p

we used to have rabbits (kid pets); the last one died only about a year ago -- after their "owners" went off to school, 'twas i who got rabbit detail and thought more than once about gettin' rid of 'em--but ya can't just give away a kid's pet--so i struggled on and was always rewarded with loads of turds for the compost :) -- i miss the turds

yes, we eat most of what we grow (well...maybe half) the rest gets foraged by the local wildlife

my most lasting memory of alice is the scene with the cat in the tree :)

and let me congratulate you on your upsurge in lj activity! hooray

oh, one more thing--your new icon: so sweet, so innocent, childlike, awwww :)

Re: awww bunnies...

oh man. we have LOADS of turds under my bunnies house. want me to send you some? ;p

and do you ever get to eat any of your strawberries? i tried growing some once--but something ALWAYS ate them. like i would see a little baby one, and then a few hours later, GONE!

that cat gave me nightmares. my favorite was the mad hadder and can sometimes be found thinking: "happy unbirthday to me, to me" when i wake up. usually that is closer to my real birthday though, otherwise it just gets depressing.

it is funny that you say that. i showed that picture, in the original size, to a friend of mine, and he said that i look like a wild animal about to attack. but i am so sweet, and sososo innocent, so i like you better. ;p

..i suspect it might be against one of the new homeland security laws to ship turds in the mail and i wouldn't want one or both of us to wind up at guantanamo bay :-)

strawberries are one plant we absolutely have to cover with bird netting--squirrels and birds used to have gala parties before we wised up--even now, every once in a while a clever bird manages to find a way under the net, but still, being only a birdbrain, can't find the way out--i've been sooo tempted to just leave it but i just know that once it calmed down and realized what a nice prison he'd checked into, he would just munch away on all the berries until he exploded spewing munched and half digested fruit and bits of bird all over the garden...nasty mess that would be!

and on reconsideration, you do have a bit-o-the-divul glinting in your eyes ;-)

Re: thanks, but...

well, you know--feed stores usually have some bunnies for sale that would solve your turd-problem. ;p i bet your doggy would like one, too. you could let her chase it around the yard!

and you would never let that happen to a bird. yuck!

the bird netting sounds like a good idea. i may have to try again some day with it, maybe when there are no more blackberries. my only competition with them is the other kids. ;p

"Are you my mother". LOL
Those are great pics.

funny how certain lines or titles from kids books (after reading them a gazillion times) stick in the mind :-)

glad you enjoyed the pix

Yes I recognise that 'wildflower'. I used to grow them.
Sweet William?


YES! Sweet William!
not wild at all.

yay, so nice to have a horticulturist on the other end of the line :-)

every year, i buy a small pack of mixed "wildflowers" and toss 'em into the place 'where the wild flowers grow' but this one was new to me this year and i can't even locate the packet -- so, thanks to you, sweet william it is!

sometimes we just have to sumbcome to being domestic.

ya, lisa you're right...but it's still a nasty business at times, mary poppins aside :-) -- "with every job that must be done, there is an element of fun," ha, wtf did she know (was probably into the cooking sherry :)

Mary Poppins and Julia Child.....

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