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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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bird report...

the birds are in rare form today--all ahead chirps--worms beware...

i wish you all a bright and cheerful day--may all your problems be no more than a friendly tweak on the ass :-)

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I need to park myself on the front stoop with my Nikon and do some bird and squirrl/rabbit watching.

great idea--i'll be watching for the pix :)

I did snag a pic of a bird in flight to the bird feeder...but my digital is too slow...it isnt' very sharp. I still can't figure out how to take true action shots of birds, etc with a digital. I know I"ve seen good shots...but I seem to have better luck with my SLR

i need to play around with manual on my cam--it's supposed to have aperture priority but apparently ya can't set shutter speed--so i guess i'd close the ap as much as possible to force the auto speed to as fast as it can go for the light available--i really should try out all the features, shouldn't i--maybe tomorrow...or the next day :)

Is what it takes to make some people smile ;) *giggles*
I love morning birds..
My morning is wonderful so far, I dreamt of gardening and laughing! :)
*HUGS* :) :)

Re: A tweak in the ass

hey mel, hi hi--glad to hear you're havin' a good day--probably due to all your good dreaming ;-) -- *hugsya*

You tweakin' my ass man???

;-) hehe

nono, not me--couldn't be--i'd be more inclined to use the whole hand and some warm gentle pressure ;-)

and I tell you---there is nothing like a tweak on the ass from someone in Manhattan....


yeah, so i've heard -- and often most unwelcome -- people can be such pigs ...

Speaking of birds in rare form...
Yesterday I was in my garage - fiddling around with my flower/potting stuff and I heard the black birds going nuts. I glanced to the lilac bush next to my garage and saw them all sitting there and on the fence... chirping and talking away to me... as if they were trying to get my attention. I even said, "What is up with you guys"? I looked to the bottom of the bush, and saw... "MY BLACK CAT"! She was just sitting there looking up at them, and they at her. She never ever leaves the house... just sits at the window and is so intregued by the birds. I picked her up... she is so tame, and took her back in... and the birds were still going at it. Haha, then I just brought some extra bread and threw it down, so they know I am not trying to hurt them.

i've often thought, 'wouldn't it be great to tune in on what's going through an animal's mind' -- in fact, i sometimes speak for my pooch (as well as other non-talkers) and say what i know she just must be thinking -- i have been made fun of for this habit, but only in good humor (i think)

that exact same thing. My mother started me doing it, I started my son doing it, and we're pretty good at it. It's the best way to relate to how an animal might think. I still do it.
Matter of fact, at work today, I stepped outside for a break, and was whistling to the birds, talking to them, and a co-worker walked out and caught me. She knows me, and chuckled, I laughed and said, "yeah, I know" :) It's a great way to be. I can't imagine my life NOT talking for animals.
Is that weird?

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