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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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good monday morning, all..

..and there's scarcely room for monday morns to get better than this-58 deg f-rel dry air-blue sky-toasty sun aaaand: i have the next 6 hours to play as i see fit :-), having completed my morning health aidery and handicap bus duty--the outdoors await me....wheeee....cul

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And a good morning to you, too! Take tons of great pictures, Ed! I wish I were outside right now...it looks beautiful! Bright and sunny with a cool breeze blowing...and it's supposed to get to 76 degrees. I can't wait! Unfortunately, here I sit in an office. Hell with flourescent lighting. ;o)

Have a great day!!!

..oh i am, i am -- i even went and bought another bale of peat; then i came back and followed your advice and just played with my cam! hehah!

Now that song is in my head. But that's okay, I love the song, being the sap that I am.

I think you should take pictures as well. And playing as you see fit! YAY! It's always fun to have playtime. What do you think you are going to do? *bounces around in anticipation*

I'm getting ready to send you an e-mail. :)

Re: Mmmm blue skies & bouncing around in anticipation

blue skies, smilin' at me....nothin' but blue skies do i see -- just to reinforce the song in your head, mel ;-)

and i have already pic'ed away at the day--came in to transfer pix to pc and got sidetracked--la dee da...

you and me ED! I'm also having a wonderfully relaxing holiday day... mmmh! :O)

hooray for us! let's hike around the 'pond' and meet for lunch :-)

where have you been? I'm throwing rocks in the pond now... ::sulk::


i bet you're so cute when you sulk :-)

speaking of stones in the pond, we had a pond behind our house when i was growing up (beginning to grow up--it's ongoing)--maybe a little closer to a mud hole but there were frogs and turtles and ducks and snakes and...things that go boo in the night--hmmm haven't thought about the fun we had there in a long time...

Re: things that go boo in the night

things that go boo in the night

that is about the cutest sentence ever..

so I must state that we are *both* very cute.. :)

Re: things that go boo in the night

wowser--it staggers the mind to think of how much cuteness there'd be if we wound up in the same place at the same time -- hehehehe...hah

Re: things that go boo in the night

I know we'd have a pink cuteness explosion!!! :)

hee heeeee!!

I was reading your info page and interests.....celtic mythology, huh? My oldest daughter's name is Rhiannon!

what a cool name--my maternal granny was from 'the auld country' and full of tales about the wee folk and roses along country lanes--but that was a long time ago; she went and died before i had a chance to really appreciate her--lost opportunities...sigh

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