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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

first thing on the agenda shall be washing my car--i got a good close look at how filthy and birdshit covered it is--it's been parked under a maple tree for most of the last month--yuk--thank science for zip-wax...back inabit

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And then, when yer done...

Will you come and "wax on wax off" mine too? ;)

Re: And then, when yer done...

ummm that slow two hand counter rotating motion can be sooo good when properly employed. . .

so how's your day going, mel?

Re: And then, when yer done...

Well, I'm trying to look busy, and in all reality I SHOULD be busy, but my mind just isn't on work today (and it really should be). Day is good so far, but could be much better :) Thanks for askin'! ;)
Sleep good last night?

Day is good so far, but could be much better...

..all those years of teaching art, no matter how gooda day it was, i always knew "life must get better than this" -- and WAHLA! it has ;-)

:-) -- well, i slept some--didn't go to bed till almost 2:30, then up again at 6; short night

how was your sleep time?

Re: Day is good so far, but could be much better...

You hardly slept at ALL! How can you function on few hours sleep? That can't be good for your health. Listen to me, do I SOUND like a mother? ;) I preach to those I care about ;)
My sleep. Well, it was Nyquil induced so it was pretty sound, although, as tired as I was, I had a LOT of things on my mind when I was waiting to fall asleep ;)
I didn't want to wake up, does that count? ;)

You hardly slept at ALL...

i've discovered that sleep is vastly overrated--it is, however, a good escape when pressures get overwhelming

i believe nyquil causes fewer side effects than repeatedly beating yourself on the head with a hammer to induce sleep--so ya did good :)
-- this is not to say there might not be more enjoyable methods...

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