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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..and now it's catch up time--why are you so prolific--i feel, once again, i shall never catch up with all your lj posts! on top of that task, the grass, which couldn't be cut due to days of rain prior to leaving, is now as high as an elephants eye

eh! so i tackle one thing at a time--m & jn are still asleep, so i have a bit of time to get started--email first...

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i gave up on catching up yesterday : )

yeah, i know whatcha mean -- but i'm trying to at least skim :)

cuz i'm fucking unemployed...
with nothing better to do than sit in front of my computer... and just stew in my own thoughts...

dont know what the etiquette around here when it comes to swearing... but yeah...

it's a fuckin' sign of poor taste and usually pointed to by shitheads as an inability to communicate intelligently -- but i think they're just talking outta their ass ;-)

hahaha.... sorry! last week my life was boring as all hell and i couldn't be bothered to update... then it went from zero to amazing in the short time you were away! :)

so the moral here is 'i should go away more often'...hey? hell, i'd do that for a friend! where should i go next??? :-)

hahaha.... somewhere warm, i guess! but not on my account... i miss your posts while you're away!

awww, thanks jett - ok i'll stay here for a while near the 'puter -- but if i should find some road money stashed under a rock or something . . .

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