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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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busy day coming up today--finishing up and getting ready to head to new haven for jf's graduation this weekend--one thru college, one to go--hooray!

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Congrats. It is always heart warming to go to graduations.
Now kiddo can start saving to take care of you in your "old age" LOL.

thanks, lisa

:-) yes, that's been our hope -- i wonder, does that really happen??

Have a safe and pleasant holiday. Don't forget your camera!

thanks--and i even remembered to recharge the batts :)

Congrats! And, love to see some pics:-)

thanks, col, and i will definitely be grabbing a few pics

Mason wants to be a fish giver at Wal-Mart...

There goes my retirement ;)

Congratulations handsome, hard to believe you have children that age *HUGS*

well, he's young yet--his aspirations may change :)

and thanks, doll, you are sooo good for my ego -- huggers to ya!

i hope all goes well. have loads of fun, eh? :)

thankee, thankee -- will do my best ;-) -- have a good weekend, seeya tues

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