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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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'member me?

good morning world--i'm not really in hiding, just busy--m, though not going in to school still has to do planning and reporting and on and on and since she can't easily get to the 'puter, i get to transcribe her scribble and send it on it's way

there's this one admin type who is just insufferable, "unable" to open files i send to her school account, aol account or even when i went to the trouble to burn'em to cd (this i can't figure at all)--so i've taken to just embedding any info she needs in email--obviously, she is living proof of the maxim that shit rises to the level of it's incompetence :) -- 'nuf on that subj

also still runnin'n'fetchin' for m, although she is getting better at grippin' things by the husk with her crutches--and it's starting to actually be amusing watching her head off to the potty after waiting till the last possible moment, wheeling down the hall then switching from w-chair to crutches for the last crucial few feet (no, our bathroom is not w-chair accessable)--but of course, i'm careful at displaying any indication that i might find her plight humorous--if i had the time, there's a wealth of material for cartoons in her hobbling condition

weather was warm and nourishing yesterday, so the pooch and i got to go triking/walking for a spell and it's looking like we might have a repeat run today...here comes the sun...dootdadoodah :-)

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well, I gotta fess up...I am a digital moron...but at least I can figure that stuff out. LOL.

well, I gotta fess up --heehee, your secret's safe, i'll never tell

I love how you said..

weather was warm and nourishing
Very descriptive and expressive. I got visions in my head!

Re: I love how you said..

thanks dot, it sure felt good after the nasty rain we've been having

speaking of expressive: that's a great icon; i recognize the look and feel of it, "awww shit, i can't do another thing...you're on your own" -- i'm usually a morning hustler who wears down as the day goes on so "requests" near or in the evening are not met with joy :-) ('course, some days, i start out with that attitude)

Re: I love how you said..

"Here Comes The Sun" when Nina Simone sings it...
I become a puddle of mush...

I've had that song in my head all day.
Thank you! *HUGS*

Re: I love how you said..

that song pops into my head quite frequently--a group in college used it as part of a sound track for an ecology film project--the beatles definitely knew where their collective towel was

i'll have to check the KaZ for the nina cover

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day here...today? Eh. A bit on the cool side, but still nice. It sounds like you and your "pooch" had a great time. Makes me want to grab my walking shoes and head out the door!

yup, wendy, you should definitely do that--now!--don't wait :-)

the therm oh meter here says 78, that's plenty warm for me--just was out doing a little weed control with a hoe, gives me that 'farmer' feeling

no...i... i don't remember you! who ARE you? i'm scared! heehee... funny thing is, even when you say you haven't been updating frequently, i think you've updated at least twice to my last one... ah well!

props for the George Harrison quote...

twice to my last one -- well, let's get on the stick, young lady! i miss hearing about julio and all the kids down by the school yard (or was it some greasy beanery) -- i know you're feeling lonely for the salad line and busy with your music...shit, it's almost like you went and got a life and here we are still flittin' around cyberland--update update ;-)

nonono. silly. i didn't so much "get a life" as... hmmm... i have become the very picture of a vapid slacker and do not feel the need to bore people with the mundane details of my exanimate livelyhood. or unlivelyhood, as the case may be. without Julio, i am at a loss as to what to write about. however, job interview tomorrow. THAT may prove noteworthy...

..go jett your way thru that interview :-)

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