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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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surprise surprise...

..i haven't written anything here since wed.--guess i put any entries in the communities--have i been led astray or shown a new path? well, of course it doesn't matter...i'm where i am; if i weren't, then i believe i'd be nowhere--i'm all sweaty and it hasn't warmed up all that much...physical labor, good for the soul (well, it builds an appetite anyway); been clearing and working some flower beds now that the veggie garden's takin' care of itself for a while--set out the tomato and pepper plants wednesday and the nice on/off light rain since has been perfect! sure has been an odd may...

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My dad is so intent on starting his vegetable garden, but he has yet to step foot outside! LOL We'll be swimming in squash, tomatoes, peppers and whatever else his hillbilly hands decide to plant.

Hi ya! So nice seeing you here Winkie! I don't know your real name:-)

Hi there!

My real name is Wendy. :o) Nice to be here! I have to admit, I'm quite addicted to LJ. LOL I've met so many wonderful people!!! I just wish I had more time to get caught up! I'm terribly behind! LOL

yet to step foot outside--yes, and it's a wise gardener that picks his time--can't go 'n begin any ol' day just 'cause some fool at the 'farmer's almanac' says so...gotta have that feeling that, yep, this is the day ;-)

That's like me too! I love postingmy new art to the beautiful new communities. I don't miss not placing it on my journal.

Feeling a bit overextended though as I check out lots of communities!

overextended -- yeah, i hear ya and you've been super prolific too! you must not sleep :-)

yes, you may not have posted there, but I feel you've always been around.. just the way I like it!! :O))

tam, you're such a sweetheart--i like knowing that you're there too :-)

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