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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..it's getting more difficult to work time for me into the 'daily activity schedule' -- i find myself becoming resentful -- i'm starting to feel that a situation is being milked -- and i have to keep reminding myself not to get on the pity pot -- when the going gets rough i need to take time out, clear my mind and transport myself to another time and/or place -- hah! -- i can't just do that

earlier today, 15 mins to quick-snap some outdoor pix for a small project idea and the pocket phone goes off -- now i'm going to try to load some of the pix into the 'puter and see if there's anything to use -- if there's time. . .

i think i'm turning into a crotchety ol' fuck -- that's all

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Hi Ed. I hope you set some boundaries for your own personal time for you.

Your feelings might be asking you to put you first for a change.

i'm tryin' -- and trying to not feel guilty when i do

Yeah, I know that feeling. Cuddling you.

thanks, that's just what i need ;-)

thanks sweetheart--nice vote of confidence :-)

Hope the pictures turned out as you hoped... and just PLAN the time you need. Schedule it firmly or write it down and take it. Just don't be available. Make it know prior to... so nothing can pop up to take it away. You need that break - so you don't.

Just wondering how much longer do you see yourself in this position - and if maybe there isn't someone who may be able to share some time with you in helping you. How did the pictures turn out? Thank goodness you have a diversion activity... :)

well, i dunno -- m says she's going back to school next week, but that'll mean driving her in and pickin' her up; only half hour each way (plus any wait time :-) -- jn is coming east in couple of weeks for her bro's graduation and will stay for a week or so -- that's 'bout the only relief i see in sight

i posted 2 of the pix last night and there is another 2 i might save

as far as diversion, i have many but not the time for 'em right now :-(

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