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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

i'm having trouble getting things done--'course there's a reason--but still. . .

i keep having the feeling i'm falling behind--which is just silly; the important things are getting done--the rest'll have to wait for a turn

took 5 days of dealing with doctor's office, insurance company and medical eqpt supplier (all around the mulberry bush...), but m now has her spiffy wheel chair and other paraphernalia to help her get around till her ankles heal
and i keep thinking of the wheel chair i just happened to have stumbled on a few weeks ago and how it simplified life for the last 5 days--wow!--something else to wonder about; not quite on the scale of dna, black holes, and how can there be an inside and an outside to the universe...but on the other hand, maybe it is all connected and if that african butterfly hadn't flapped it's wing just when it did, everything would be different...but that's soo bizarre, almost as curiously strange as quantum physics

isn't it great that (sometimes) things work out and we don't have to know why--but i think it would be satisfying to know why...otoh, if we knew why but were unable to control it, wouldn't that be awfully frustrating? it's hard to accept that there might be some things that are unknowable...why should this be? could this be?