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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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i'm still here and making the effort to keep up with all of you great friends but my brain seems to be floating in stagnant waters; when i find time to "just sit and think," i keep drawing blanks--but the weather is clearing a bit so maybe i'll find some time to go putter in the yard or perhaps merely sit and stare at the sky and the growies--and i keep craving comfort food; it's a struggle to not stuff my face when i don't have interesting things to do or at least in mind--i suspect i'm sinking into bitching and moaning--no point in that now...

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aw. i hope your brain feels better soon.

thanks, kiddo -- i feel a little less stressed out today...so far :-)

I miss you, but I understand if you need some time 'off' lj, so no worries.. :)

also, I missed you at my community; up_lifting, I would love to have you there, it's very gentle, and there is *no* judging going on! I feature an artist each week, and people can put a link to their site up.. you are more than welcome!

anyway, when you feel a bit better of course..

how is your wife feeling?

I hope she and you are coping with her misfortune..

*thinking of you*

thanks tam, for being a good friend -- m is coming along; got herself up and to the potty w/o any assistance today:-) hooray! i'm feeling a bit cheerier today -- AAAND i did join up_lifting; i've been reading and will get into it as time allows -- kudos to you for a grand idea!

If you need to vent come on over. Let it all out.

awww, thank you, col -- i don't like to be a bitching/moaning kinda person...it's just the whole upset to the 'smooth running' of life that requires major adjustment; i've always found it a bit difficult to adjust to change, even when i've been able to plan ahead for it; having sudden changes thrust on me sends my stress into high gear; and continuous demand on my time that make it impossible to schedule time-outs when i need them is frustratingly difficult for me to deal with; as the day wears on, i wear down and at the end of the day, i can get quite crotchety; i know this doesn't help matters but 'crotchets' that have been accumulating all day finally burst forth, snipping and snarling with their little sharp pointy teeth...grrrr -- mary has a time sense that beats to a very different drummer than me; she can take an excruciatingly long time to do things and part of my temperment is to loath waiting so helping her involves "endless" waiting for her to plan and execute the part she can with me standing by (stress starting to build) till she needs assistance, or fetching this then 'oh one more thing' then 'while you're waiting could you do this or get that' -- i think she'd like a personal assistant to just 'standby' in waiting while i want to just run off screaming and pulling out my hair -- i've likened her situation to being in a hospital: would you be pushing the damn buzzer for a nurse everytime it popped into your head to have something you 'needed' right then? -- i know it must be very frustrating to be laid up and unable to do for yourself and it does get quite boring but part of the recovery is doing just that: lie around and rest! well, it won't, of course, go on for ever and she is attempting to do more on her own, little by little so i guess i have to do more deep breathing and try not to let my prickish side add to the problem -- that's all, thanks fer listening ;-)

just a random person who liked your profile/entries...and I wanted to get to know more about your shifts between lethargy and activity..(because I am the same way)
so, i hope you dont mind, I added you to my friends list...
maybe we can learn from eachother in some small way.

..gina, how wonderful to have such a beautiful person (from what i read in your lj) pop up in my lj :-) -- so of course, i added you right back -- and yes, i'm sure we'll learn things from each other

i think, today i'm beginning to climb off my 'poor lil eddie' pity-pot and get back to enjoying the good that's always there -- so i'll count today as an up day

again, nice to meet you, gina,

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