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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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jump rope is sometimes not so fun...

i've been breaking in as full time nurse since yesterday 'bout noontime, which is when mary (wife) fell (while jumping rope) and fractured both ankles -- bully for her, she does not believe in doing things half way -- has casts on both, can put some weight on one but not the other

remember that wheel chair i picked up for 10 bucks when i was in portland (to use the axles on a new trike project)? -- coincidence or what? -- anyway, it was a very handy item to have on hand yesterday

lesson learned? not such a great idea to jump rope on grassy area...

zippity doo dah, zippity aye ... always something

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Gosh Ed, I'm sorry to hear Mary has hurt herself. Hope everything goes well.

thanks, col -- m will be fine; i'm not so sure i'll last though :-)

umm...*ouch*, and again i say *ouch*!!

now do we get to see a piccy of you in a nurse costume? *giggle*

unfortunately not -- since i don't have a union card, i'm forced to work without a uniform ;-)

ohhh.... poor thing! both ankles yet! who'da thought jumping rope could be hazerdous to one's health!?

indeed! who'da thought? -- there's always the off chance it was a plan to get a bit-o-time offa work -- (shhhhh, i didn't say that)

damn... wouldn't it have been easier just to... i dunno... fake a cough!!? ;)

how hectic!! both ankles?!! how does one do *that*!

bit of a shock, so sorry to hear this Ed! may she feel better soon..

what a bummer! jeesh, both ankles.. wow!

*sends your wife healing light*

thanks for the healing light, tam -- yup, it was a bit of a shock -- i couldn't imagine that it was more than a sprain ('cept maybe for the moaning), but sure enough it was...

wow, damn! i'm sorry to hear that. speedy recovery to mrs. sirndipiti.

thanks for the thought, tanya -- they're my sentiments exactly

*makes mental note to not jump rope on grass*

I hope she gets better soon.

Race her in the wheelchair! :)

Race her in the wheelchair

i've been considering thay, mary ;-)

(Deleted comment)
well, at least you learned young -- and involved in multi-tasking at such an early age--impressive :-)

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