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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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playing with pix

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oh my GOSH you have long toes!!!

i really like this picture! i hardly ever get to see you!!

he hee -- maybe i can type with 'em :-) -- actually i think the shadow gives a bit of distortion -- yup, so here i am floating in space


you're so full of talent! (or is it baloney--heheee) :-)

nonono! i have let people watch me do that on my cam! i'm pretty good! =)

ten little monkeys typing with their toes...

okokoko...i believe ya (heh)

almost a 'yoga' position, but you look more relaxed! That girl is right that you have long toes! LOL, I have a massive big-toe! I like the way you've done it, it looks as if you're really enjoying life, the universe and everything... :)

many thanks for sharing..

thanks -- m and jn are involved with yoga but i've never gotten beyond some minimal stretching; i think there's something called deep relaxation position?? ;-) -- life, the universe and everything...that about covers it

Wow:-) lovely to see more you.

Candy stars watch over you.

When you're hungry just take one to eat!

thanks -- candy stars :-) ... do you have a candy called 'starbursts' in your part of the world?

*Starbursts* lollies? Yes I think I've herad of them.

My friends starburst into my skies ...

hi! please add me. id love to keep in contact with you
-joyce [voideity]

already done -- i feel so special :-) -- wheeeee and then some

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