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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

hot and sweaty's what i am

i need to be careful not to lean over the keyboard

the thing is: just sitting outside is wunnerful--nice breeze and all
but doing with the exertion stuff...wooo
and i shoulda sat a while outside to cool off
maybe next time.......

i can't remember when i've had such an enjoyable springtime
no disasters have befallen
life is just boppin' along and i haven't felt really depressed in coon's age
well, probably not an entire coon's age, but at least 4-8 weeks
perhaps i do miss the sun when it's kissing the southern hemisphere
wellll...i dunno
part of me wants to analyze why this should be so
(heeding the ancient advice regarding the unexamined life)...(plato?...one of those ol' timey greeks)
but another part says, just enjoy it while it's happening
and i must say, i'm not feeling too into analysis now :-)

so i believe, i'll just keep on keeping on and worry about the shit sandwich when it arrives . . . there is always the chance that i've been offered my alloted quota and from now on it'll just be ruebens or a blt or ham and swiss on rye or even good ol' pb&j

i think i need a snack . . .

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I love this language! :-))))))))))
coon's age?

I never heard that in my life.
Is that common over there?

We have Coon cheese here made in a country twon called Bega with beautigul green hills & cows.

Is it Canadian term?

What is your ancestry?

Stand & deliver Sir!

probably not reeeal common, but used from time to time :-) -- i like it -- seems like it might have had it's birth in the southern states; raccoon or 'coon huntin' is (or was) popular there (this may all be stereotypeing on my part ;-) -- anyway...'coon's age' is just a back woodsy way of indicating a pretty long time

as to use in canada, i dunno -- maybe someone will tell us or i'll have to check it out ... research, research, research

yeah, i've seen coon cheese here in the markets, too -- i thought it was a 'merican thing -- i think it's a kinda cheddar -- but, hell, i dunno

on a slightly other subject, i believe i'm an english/irish mix in a 3 to 1 ratio but have never delved into the family tree thing -- never know what ya might find, though; could be interesting

that's the end of my delivery for for now, col ;-)

you should know this: rye bread is like the grossest stuff in the entire world.

and i love your new icon. =)

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