Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

'nother ketchup day...

seems like i've been running in short bursts all day and now as i look back on what i've actually accomplished, heh, 'how could it have taken that long?'

i did spend 'a little' time poking around the library and hafta admit i have no idea how long i was really there -- zipped to the post office, took care of some business with the insurance agent (grrr, i hate insurance but what'er ya gonna do?), stopped off at 2 shops, then back here threw in some wash (whoops! still have to put it in the dryer), cleaned the kitchen, played with the pooch . . . what? and now it's time for dinner -- oh, and i did a bit more with the web site, decided it would be best to start organized with the writings (as in, have at least an index)

i gotta go see about this food thing now -- m will be home soon (probably)

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