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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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good morning world! it's a glorious am here in nj, sun, birds, growies gettin' greener and the smell of fresh coffee in the air -- looks like a good day for living things; and even the rocks seem content. . .

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what a lovely happy msg! thank you for that, it gave me some beautiful natury imagery in my head..

*breathes in*


thanks, tam -- hope you're having a fine day :-)

yup! rocks are pretty clever (well, in a kinda mindless way); they just sit and soak up the sun's rays all day, getting nice and toasty, then when it cools off in the evening they have all that stored warmth to share

Good Morning to you, too. It's quite lovely here, also.


hey stacey! i haven't been commenting much lately, have i -- but i'm still readin' ya -- congratulations on finally getting your car! freedom of the open road, yay!

hahaha... YAY! seriusly, Ed, i don't tell you how much ass you kick nearly often enough! :)

hey, thanks; that's means a lot comin' from the world's coolest jett :-)

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