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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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web site

..my eyes are going a little blurry, but i'm finally getting back to reassembling the web site--mostly just been working on the framework--but go take a peek sirndipiti

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I had a peek! I like the grey against the black.
Nice to see another pic of you with Jn. Only saw one pic there. Was there more? Well of course we are greedy, & can't wait to see more pics!

thanks, colette -- only 3 pix there but more to come -- seems like i'm sooo slow at times -- i guess it comes from not sticking with one thing till it's finished -- i find that even things which i really enjoy get tiresome if stay with it too long -- 'course there are also the times i get so compulsive i can't stop what i'm doing


you have integrity --

and you are genuine

I saw the pics from Oregon! I love the sea water and the oily colours pic -- is there a jellyfish to be distinguished? or is it just sand --?

I like my thumbs, they're posable

I shall start quoting that.. :)

thank you, tam -- you're such a nice person!

no jellyfish, just seafoam and sand -- i must admit the oily film did give me a slightly uncomfortable feeling -- paaaa-lution, paaaa-lution is everywhere ya go

posable>/i> came from a discussion with jenn when she was a little one about how more fortunate we are than dogs who don't have 'posable thumbs -- ;-)

Re: I like my thumbs

that is so sweet, she your daughter yeh? (jenn)

yes, jenn is my 'little one' -- 21 next month! not so little any more

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