Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

no matter how many times i observe it, the apparent passage of time with it's seeming irregular beat still causes wonder--one hour can stretch out to eternity while much longer periods can flash by--i tend to think that the speed of time is in alignment with how satisfied i am--if this is true, then this must'ave been a super week--how the hell can it be friday already? i know i haven't taken time to keep this j updated but i have tried to keep up with friends' postings and garden work is proceeding in spite of weather related delays--speaking of which, i keep hearing rumblings just at the threshold; the sun, however is rising into a relatively clear sky--are t-storms heading this way? hmmmm

  • (no subject)

    pic didn't go with post... such is life. here it is

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    yeah still here. Health probs under control for the time being...time slips away. I do try to save it in a bottle but it just keeps slipping away.…

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