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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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not the canning season, but...

canned just one of those days...

a little of this and a little of that -- not much done on any one thing -- not very satisfying

but i think i will continue with some more canning -- lots of things can be 'put up'

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a little of this and a little of that

heh. i'm listening to "a little brains, a little talent" from damn yankees and yep, correlation found.

hey laura, it's true, everything's connected ;-)

It seems like a combination of a painting and a photograph, is it so?

It's very nice.

thanks, mary -- yeah, sorta -- photos somewhat redesigned with PhotoSuite

Shit! I am damn impressed!

Do you sell in the lolly shop by the beach?

What comes out of the jar when one opens???


hee hee, thanks!

What comes out of the jar when one opens???
just clean fresh country air, woodsey smells -- but if you're not careful that woodland elf might try to make his escape ;-)

I'll play with him in the forest.
He is a tall treeman in another life.

play...in the forest..

...that sounds like fun with nuts and berries to eat and a snug hidey hole to tuck into when the shadows get long and spookey :-)

it reminds me of the film; the borrowers that was on yesterday.. with the little people.. I like it very much, the nature around you.. but why are you caged? :)

hi tam

caged? or enjoying the solitude? but perhaps too much solitude can be a cage of sorts...

clever of you to pick up on that :-)


well, being alone can sometimes feel 'lonely'.. but, sometimes it's perfect blisssss. :)


That is a bloody wonderful image.

thanks :-)

and btw--just how pregnant are you guys? heh, what do docs know?

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