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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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it got colder and colder as the day went on

yesterday 80deg F -- shorts and tee shirt -- today 40deg -- this spring/winter weather is not real enjoyable -- supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow...we'll just see about that when it happens

we head up to my sister's ('bout 250 miles) on sat. for easter weekend, picking up the son on the way -- daughter is staying in oregon :-( -- but it'll only be a few weeks till she heads east for her brother's grad -- hooray!

i'm feeling rather uninspired -- might be a good evening to just read or listen to an audio book, even -- actually i picked up "fight club" the other day; maybe i'll watch that; i've never seen it...

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i enjoyed it much, it has a nice twist to it.. !

well, i enjoyed it too--i think--anyway i was attentive all the way through :-) and didn't fall asleep, so that accounts for something, hey? i'm not sure if i quite got the point, break the bonds of self imposed constraint by stretching waayyy out, curing ills through violence, providing a way for men to relate to each other (bond) by beating each other senseless (good naturedly, though)--the violence did seem quite gratuitous, in a way almost silly, slapstick, really requiring a good dose of 'suspension of disbelief'--the bit of satire on 12 step groups was, i thought, pretty well done; i got a kick outta that :-)--then too, i checked it out from the library, so the price was right...

:) I see what you mean about 'what msg' it is trying to give.. I'm not sure.. maybe, it's not sure itself.. LOL.. I just liked the twist of it.. and it's surreality too.. :)

Is that the one with Ed Norton & Brad Pitt?

Hope your weather picks up soon. Enjoy Easter at your sisters.

yup, that's the one, colette -- i guess i'd score it kinda middle of the road for entertaining -- maybe if i watched it again, i'd get more from it

the new icon seems very contemplative to me, neutrally so, expressing neither happiness nor sadness--just a lot of thinkin' going on

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