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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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on a break...

..from the outdoors on a beautiful sunny day--actually a break from the garden diggin'

while sippin' a coffee and perusing my f/l, i came upon http://www.smartmobs.com/archives/000913.html which led me to a new pic hosting site http://www.camblog.com

we'll now see if it allows me'n'p

EDIT--well, isn't that nice. . .

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large fluffy lion pet.

i like that!

she's a good ol' dog (sometimes :) -- very fluffy now; very in need of a haircut; developing many nasty knots

actually jenn's pup but she abandoned her and moved to portland -- and THEN bought herself a new pup -- can you imagine! he's the black lab/something mix

thanks--was taken by a friend, ariane

wow! she looks huge right there!! she reminds me of the dog from the little mermaid! prince eric's dog! i can't remember his name.

and, is your face scratchy?

heh, yeah, the miracle of perspective -- she's about 50 lbs -- hiding beneath all that hairyness is a standard poodle, yup

hehe! i bet she looks cute when you bathe her.

my dog looks really fat--but when he gets wet he's a little skinny thing. i love it.

wonderful picture! I like it very much..! :)

thanks, glad you like it--i think the tint gives it a restful feeling

i had a wonderful time that day--got to spend some time with a special person i don't get to see as often as i would like

I thought. Who's the Bear Man?
He looks so wild in Nature
I thought it was your fur cloak.
Nice straight back to go with teh straight trees.
Gives an impression (to me) of tall & straight for God in nature.

Any more pics?

His leg looks like a mountain river,.
He protects the animals of his land.

how heroic sounding to me -- your word picture gives me a smile

i enjoy the woods, the lack of people noise, machine noise--just the woods sounds; comes so alive in the morning and evening hours in the summer and in the winter with snow cover it's magically still like wearing big cotton ear muffs

peanut and i protect each other: i see that she's fed, watered, exercised and given an adventure from time to time and she alerts me in the middle of the night if she senses a danger (like the moon is too loud, or tree shadows are coming in through the window :)

Now here's where I get asky ..

May I pretty please put that on my web page?

I have one of Tam I adore too.

I aim to make a My Friends Page.

Current version of it so far is here


Have you got more art I can add about you? Maybe?

Maybe it's too soon to ask.

i feel i've known you longer that seems possible

of course you may use the camblog pic--i'll post some of my artsies at the same place CamBlog102, for you to check out (soon as i can :)

i really like your new site, the star field on the black with your pic is a great opening (is that a self portrait or did someone else take the pic--if i haven't mentioned it before, i think it's a fabulous shot!)

Re: it's not too soon...

Yeah, I feel real comfy with you too. It feels like eons (ages). How many days has it been? huh? Not to grok the illusion of 'time'. The heart knows.

Wow thanks for the comment about my pic. My daughter took it for me. We didn't have any fancy light.

I just got a Tripod. Gawd I might try some self portraits. Never ever done that. Well not of the face anyway:-)

Yeah, I adore my new opening to my own webpage. Ilove it. It is so meaningful to me. You can't imagine.

Re: it's not too soon...

well, your daughter did a great job; quite a photographer; is she an 'artsy' one too?

ooo! very cool picture, and it appears as though the hosting site hasn't given out on you yet either! camblogs.com, eh? miiiiight hafta look into that.


yeah, they are in beta testing now--so far all seems cool; see what ya think

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