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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(Deleted comment)
really?? i checked it for fit in lj format with windows on my pc and 'twas ok

what would you say is the widest image so no one (or almost no one :) has to scroll???

thanks :) -- this is the kinda thing that happens when the weather's bad

hahaha. you make me smile. =p

is it ok if i add this post to my memories? and the original as well?

makes me happy that i make you smile, tonya--and of course, add away--i feel all honored and stuff ;)

That's funny!
Hi. You posted to me as crystalstorm. I write as both. This is my more mellow person face:-) Sorry I didn't reply to you over at Tam's but I was going through some shit.

i don't mind too terribly that you didn't reply at tam's and i'm sorry to hear that you were trudging through some shit patch--can be very uncomfortable--sounds as if you made it through ;) -- good for you--before i forget, i've added both 'pearl' and 'colette' to my f-list; i hope you don't mind, i would surely be gratified if you added me back (no pressure, no pressure!:)--funny how we never know where threads will lead us; discovering tam (whose writing, art and take on life seems to have hit a chord with me somehow) led me to you, and i find a certain resonance with you and your work as well (yeah, i've been reading you too :)
a pleasure to meet you,

Hi yes added you Sirndipity. Do you have any Indian ancestry? Just sensing something here. I mean like the India country type.

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