Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,


..this an optional there are parking lots and then there are parking lots from hell--my local post office lot falls deeply into the second category--i have, on many occasions, driven into that lot and been subjected to a rapid rise in my pulse rate and blood pressure--it was ill designed (or not designed) but i won't go into the details except to say that the traffic pattern causes some folks to lose the power of rational thought--in some cases, it might be that the loss was a pre-existing condition, but why would so many irrationals be attracted to this particular p o?--so today my only business was to drop off some mail, using the drive through lane, but partially blocking the lane was a car (with driver) obviously waiting for one of the six near-the-door parking spaces--i gave a short tap of the horn letting him know i'd like to pull up to the mail drop; to this he waved (ok ok??)--i follow up with 2 short toots; nothing!--so i open my door, walk to the box, drop my mail (now there are 2 more cars waiting in back of mine), and with a raised voice (his window was closed) inform the dumb fuck that he was in a drive-through lane, not a parking space; he mouths back (he might have been talking but i couldn't hear through the closed window), "what am i 'spozed to do?"; move up and pull over so we can get by, i yell through the window and head back to my car . . . yup, finally, grudgingly, he pulls over (slightly) just barely enough to drive by--what a fuckhead!--i know, i know, i coulda just sat patiently and waited, but if i had, how would he have known that his behavior was not acceptable? with just my ranting, he might still have been oblivious to the error in his unthinking act, but as i drove by i noticed his wife (just a guess) wagging her finger in his face and flapping her jaw with vigor--i felt so much better witnessing his obvious discomfort (which, who knows, might still be going on :) that i almost forgot about parking lots. . .

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