Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

oh yeah, i'm into this gardening season again--seeds purchased (plus some harvested from last years crop) and just waiting for the "right moment" (which will occur sometime after i churn up the soil and add peat and compost)--each year, the soil seems a bit heavier and i think again about getting a tiller, then the "sturdy" part of me answers, "that's ok for really big gardens or folks too weak to use a shovel," so i think, yeah, it's good exercise (as long as i don't put it off too long and have to do it all at once--no no, not good; that would force my back to complain, "see, ya shoulda gotten that fuckin' tiller!")--so the argument goes on in my head (i try not to move my lips)

i splurged on a buncha new bulbs last fall; it's so very nice to see 'em popping all over and all on their own (the work of planting long forgotten)--bulbs are quite nice--i broke down (again) and bought some ready to transplant flowers (set out 2 days ago) just to have the satisfaction of some more instant color--i should go out now and at least get some flower beds ready for seeding; but it's so gray and portlandish today; maybe this afternoon. . .

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