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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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this is one of those days when it's perfect to just give the ol' mental toilet a good flush--and so i did--i did it by playing outside in the warm sunshine, cleaning up winter's deadfall branches, pulling mulch off strawberry and flower beds, smelling the leaf mold, wondering over the colors in the crocus, and when i'd had enough of the stoopin' and liftin', i sat in that wood lounger that was buried in snow just a few weeks ago and i toasted myself with the warm rays and just thought about good things. . .does it get any better?

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No, I cannot say that it does. Makes me want to go camping.

..been thinking about doing some this summer--it's been a few years--i miss it

no, darn you.

was very nice to meet you ! did you get to Seattle ?

was a real pleasure to meet you, as well--i'm still remembering the tastey lunch at the coffee shop you chose (mind if i post the pic of you and jenn?)

no :( we didn't get past sea-tac -- was a rainy snotty day and we just didn't feel like trompin' through the rain -- dropped sarah at the airport and turned right around

It was tasty! Today is PBJ or I'd be there now.

It has continued to be rainy snot weather, and will be until mid-April I hear. Ah well.

Please do post the picture. =)

woohoo for sun rays! =p

spring and fall just gotta be the best times of the year!

Quick question... why is it that all of my posts to your LJ are screened? And how the heck do you do that? Thanks! :)

i have no idea why, but every once in a while a bit gets flipped in the greater cosmos and lj starts screening replies for me-- there's a place on your pers info settings to select screening -- when i notice things are being screened, i just go flip it back to "no screening" -- i dunno, the fates getting a chuckle is all i can figure :)

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