..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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a long days journey...

..i know this is going to be a very long day, have been anticipating it's arrival for some time -- i have another medical test as part of my annual physical and this one requires fasting for the ENTIRE day before -- just clear liquids (but coffee or tea is ok, go figure) -- i'm telling myself it's good to clear the system from time to time, i'll be a healthier person for having done it; but i'm still hungry!

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oh man, that sucks!!!

I have had to do that many times in the past for medical tests too. What I have found helped me a lot the last couple of times was making jello ahead (and I am not a huge fan of jello). BUT...make it ahead in different ways...and I had some soup broths on hand..you can get the powdered stuff like boullion (sp?) to put in hot water instead of the cubes..it is a soup base and QUITE TASTY when you are hungry! Anyway..I would make some jello ahead and have the soup stuff on hand as well as all the other liquids you could drink. I found by eating the jello and the soup stuff off and on throughout the day it went quickly and I actually did not even get hungry. The key is to have enough to eat of the jello and soup off and on all day to ward off any hunger. I was STUNNED I was able to do it because I too was so afraid of getting so hungry and not being able to make it through the day. BUT..this was the best way I found to date to "fairy easily" make it an entire day with liquid stuffs only. The jello can be whipped up a couple of different ways that make it feel like you are eating something a little more "special". I like to take one box of jello (small one) and add 1 cup of boiling water...put into a blender..then add about 3-4 ice cubes and whip it all up. Pour into a container or small bowls. When this sets up (which is super fast) there will be layers to it. Feels like you are eating something better than just plain jello! Anyway...I FEEL for you. Not an easy thing to do...but...you can do it!! BEST WISHES!!

Also forgot! You can have popsicles!! I am sure the told you to avoid eating anything with red dye in it...but if not...popsicles are just frozen liquid and are OKAY to eat throughout the day as well!!! I have also used this trick to help me make it through the day!

hey! thanks for all the advice--that whipped jello sounds like a good idea
as we can see, i've survived the starvation and the procedure -- but it's not something i will get addicted to ;)

GLAD to hear you made it through okay!!!! :)

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