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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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as the sun sinks slowly in the west....

..yeah, well, this was not one of the vintage days i can store and save to savor somewhere down the road but neither was it painful--just a day like many, passed on by with little say for itself

having nothing to say this morning, i merely tried to catch up on friends lj -- also remarked (to myself) at the little response to my take on some of what might be lurking behind the flaming bush -- ah well, lots of things pass by me too...

if anyone had been present in my kitchen this morning, they could have witnessed yet another example of my pigheadedness as, with wet hands, i attempted to open a vacuum sealed foil bag of coffee beans -- with little to grab hold of and even that made slippery by the water, it took almost a minute; but i got it open, by damn -- then i proceeded with a 2nd bag, 'cause i like to blend 'em before grinding -- the 2nd bag was much easier, either because it had witnessed the fruitlessness of resistance by the first bag or because my finger tips were, by then, pretty dry

so i had my coffee (columbian/hazelnut, in case you're wondering :) and the day moved along, slowly to be sure, and not going anywhere particular

it was date with the shrink day this afternoon and i considered telling him about the battle of the coffee bags but thought better of it since there were more important things to speak of and besides, i didn't want him to think i was slowly slipping 'round the bend and have him become depressed over my worsening in spite his best efforts...

following that i managed to get a bit more carving accomplished on the troll guy; the progress can be seen atlas shrugs the wood block as he exits the block of wood -- the other piece, standing figure, awaits some further inspiration; there's no rush -- i matted and framed another pic

harumph--i started this some while ago--the sun has long since set here--so before another interruption interrupts, adieu...

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<3 Hazelnut coffee!

and I can't wait to see the final works :)

thanks, stacey -- i hope things are ok with you...hugs


You are seeing a shrink. Can I ask why? And if I am being nosey - just tell me. I tend to ask too many questions.

I was seeing someone a few years ago - and when you suggested it to me a little while back, I would love to see a therapist. I just dont have the money :( and I make too much to go to a free one.

You have such intelligent entries. You know - I dont read a lot of the stuff in my journal anymore and havent had the energy to post in a while...but I like reading yours. Thanks for posting something worthwhile!

thanks for your comment, you're very kind

i had a bad bout with depression several years back--still get down sometimes--but it's pretty much controlled with med--i check in with the shrink from time to time so he can keep tabs and renew or change the med

the medical situation in the u s is the greatest if you can afford it but w/o insurance, you're pretty much screwed--it's a shame--
folks in the middle of the road, can get a second job to pay for health care, get a lower paying job so they can get govt help (such as it is), or go into debt big time (when the debt gets too out of hand, declare bankruptcy and start over)

maybe when the war on terrorism is over, we can have a war on the lack of adequate health care :)

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