Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,


2 springlike days in ero -- and the trike is up and running again and the dog and i went out to terrorize the neighborhood

i forgot the rules of physics and tied her leash too high on the trike frame and this resulted in an experiment remindeding me of aristotle's talk on levers--she pulled me over--(it was aristotle, was it not??)

so after the initial upset, i had a nice ride, the pooch had a nice run, the new chain configuration proved to be an improvement -- but also demonstrated the value of ball bearings -- no matter how much grease is globbed onto bearing surfaces, it just doesn't take the place of those little ball bearings -- so, i'm not going to be able to take the easy way out, but will have to return to the junk box and put together some type of ball bearing system for the new chain ring shaft -- sigh...tomorrow for that...

now i'm going to play around with the pinhole...it's a grand sunny day...
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