Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

it's that ol' relativity thing again...

..this being another one of those days, with midnight approaching, when i think, what the hell did i do today--seems like so very little on any one thing, yet i feel like i was pretty busy all day--i just kept hopping from this to that and on to something else--the new p/h cam's almost complete, but not quite--little more on troll guy--house things--newspaper (ha!)--read a bit in a novel...oh yeah: wandered around the library for a while--dropped off financial info to tax accountant--probably other things in there too, but so unimportant as to be unmemorable--and how did it all add up to almost 19 hours?? i wonder if i sometimes lapse into a fugue, perhaps sitting and staring off into space, or stirring fruit into yogurt for 30 or 45 mins, or getting into a rhythm and sanding the same area on a piece of wood for 12 mins--i dunno, where does all that time go--well, i guess it doesn't really go, it is i that goes (or in some cases do not :)--so i think how would it be some day to keep a continuous log of my activities, but i'd probably forget to keep up with it then wonder at some point where the last 3 hours went--what i really need is one of the wee people to sit on my shoulder, taking notes on what i've done--but they're too shy to be out and about all day like that...

so...i'm gonna glue together the 2 sections of the "new and improved" p/h cam--then maybe have a spot of ice cream, listen to some 'train then go see about having a dream to remember...
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