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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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i've been thinking for a while about fiddlin' around with some pinhole pix--here are 5 reduced examples from yesterday's fiddle:
first 5 fiddles -- yes,

so it's back to the drawing board--or in this case, the oatmeal box:

pinhole parts see, the thing is i really don't want to fiddle around in the dark room, so i'm trying digital p/h pix -- yesterday's attempts used the long black tube in the foreground -- it was, at first 2 med bottles with open ends (foil p/h over the "lens" end) -- the cap, providentially, happened to be a bit over 55mm in diameter, thus fitting snugly into the digicam's adapter ring -- inbetween the 2 bottles there's a piece of mylar drawing film, on which the p/h image is formed -- i gradually lengthened the distance to the cam lens with a 3rd med bottle and then again with a black paper tube -- but still am not getting a sharp image -- soooo, i'm thinking: probably not a sharp image on the mylar, hence the oatmeal box etal and the building of a bigger p/h arrangement -- black paint on the inside of the boxes is now drying (the goya can, left over from chili, is merely a brush soaker :) -- tune in again sometime to see how things are going ...

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raise high the raw oat, eater

oatmeal is a grossly misunderstood food! while plain cooked oatmeal may have the disgusting consistancy of mucous, raw oats combined with raisins and chopped nuts (and/or other tastey treats), plus a little honey or sugar and some milk is quite a delight to eat--or if you must cook oats, it's best to combine them with some butter, brown and white sugar, vanilla, egg, flour and water; drop by spoonfuls onto a baking sheet, bake for 10 min at 350, thus turning the oats into delicious cookies (adding raisins and/or chocolate bits before baking makes 'em even better)

so....let's not have any further malicious maligning of the lofty oat!

Re: raise high the raw oat, eater

i hate butter and milk. i just eat brown sugar by itself.

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