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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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the lil guy emerges...

listen to the art teacher in me, "don't get your fingers in front of the tool and ya can't get cut"

then notice the saw cut on my thumb

"do as i say"

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heh! thanks tonya -- 'specially with the new groove in my thumb, hey? ;)

yeah, i noticed that. you need a crayola bandaid!!

i should keep a 1st aid kit in my studio! but i don't -- usually just let it bleed for a while or hold a napkin on it with pressure if it's persistant -- i think the whole sterile thing is silly :)

haha. i can't stand blood! usually whenever i have a cut or something i whimper until someone cleans it and puts a bandaid on it. =/

i really don't like to see blood continuing to flow from my body; but it's mainly because it means i have to stop what i'm doing and take care of it--when i got the bad cut on my leg last fall, it wasn't the pain (i was able to control that with a choice verbal outburst) but it meant wasting all that time truckin' off to the hospital! grrrr

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