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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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i was looking at another doonesbury strip today re OR's answer to school funding problems; this coupled with recent news articles just got me to thinking again: how do the priorities in this grand country get so fucked that there's always money for war on drugs, war on crime, war on poverty, war on terrorism and war on those-who-might-possibly-someday-maybe cause us harm, but so little money for war on ignorance to the point where a school system must resort to a 15% cut in their school calendar because there just isn't any money?

if some purely hypothetical up and coming war were to cost, say, 50 billion, but instead, that 50B were to be divided up amongst the states for education, couldn't 1 billion go a long ways toward funding schools thereby eliminating the need for school taxes, leaving that tax money to be spent as the folks who earned it see fit? well, maybe that seems to some as spending the same 50B twice, but isn't that the same smoke and mirrors commonly used in washington?

i realize that, probably, the closest i come to understanding "high" finance is being able to consistantly balance my own puny budget and put a little by for rainy days or an occasional apple pie but the higher minds in govt have surely figgerd out where the 50B war chest will come from (don't laugh) -- so if there is an extra 50B to be found and the need for the could-be-maybe-possible war of self defense suddenly evaporates...well, wouldn't it be nice...

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Well, I'd be sad for the increased ignorance of students if it wasn't a godsend for them. They probably don't like the jail-like institution of school any more than I did.

so...sounds like you're not in favor of a war on ignorance (at this time :) -- perhaps it would need to be preceeded by a war on school (as we know it) and maybe a war on inept parenthood...

i'm all for the war on inept parenthood. 'nuff said.

You may, or may not, find this link of interest:


If I was staying here in the states I would be homeschooling my children because I cannot stand behind the system that would be teaching them. I may still homeschool them for the first few grades, but it appears that Austria has a very good school system. We shall see.

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