Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

it's morning again

so, i am up and again can not find my newspaper -- 'cause it has not been delivered to my doorstep -- but the weather is nasty and i don't blame the delivery person for not wanting to go about grumbling and mumbling about his lot in life where his daily bread comes from catering to the whims of the news hungry of the community who seldom appreciate his efforts with gifts of money -- but still i called the newspaper "customer comment" line and dutifully keyed in appropriate numbers as directed by the mechanical voice, which then informed me my "replacement" paper would be delivered shortly --- we'll see -- but i will drink too much coffee without the paper to slow me down -- then i'll be wired all day, constantly going back for more and more nectar of the roasted bean -- what can i do while i wait for MY paper??
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