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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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there continues to be something quite distasteful in the flavor of today--i have been reduced to leaving a recently opened bag of chocolate chips on the table central to various activities and grabbing a few bits each time i pass--unfortunately the comfort food quality of chocolate has a very short half life

i have attempted many times since approx 11:25 to post to lj; grrrr...

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livejournal has sucked my butt lately! =(

my my, that is nasty indeed

apparently the world has been taking bites out of lj recently

i know!

someone told me like a week ago or so that people were trying to attack livejournal and it was banning people entirely. eheheh! i think it banned me for like 9234245243 years. but it's working fine now and loves me again. =)

p.s. the ftp thing on aol SUCKS. i can't figure out the links to my pictures that i upload on there. whenever i go to what i think it might be, it asks me if i want to download it. =(

to be able to view the pic without downloading, the name needs to indicate the type of file, so go back to your ftp space and use the "utilities" button to change the name to include the type--eg: if the file is a JPEG type and the name is uglydog, change it to uglydog.jpg -- good luck! :)

hah! it works!!! thank you thank you thank you!!! =D

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