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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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in the early morning snow...

..with a camera in my hand...

white hole

lo hills

chilled grapewine

illusory woods

i have a bakers dozen, but don't want to bombard you :)

edit: screwed up code at first try -- but what's with this fucking quality; aol, are you listening?

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that first picture is so cool! what caused the snow to dimple like that?

the snow is very sparkly. i love all the pictures, and the last one could be one of those inspirational pictures, about *being oneself* or somesuch.

oh, and i added you to my friend's list a couple of days ago...hope you don't mind. i think i found you via edbook.

thanks! the icon at left shows a round picnic table--it has a hole ('bout 2-1/2" dia) in the top for an umbrella--i guess it let snow fall thru in the beginning then slowly built up to this huge dimple--magic!

and thanks for adding me to your f/l :)

but you've left me with an earworm!

Re: gorgeous pictures

thank you

earworm? is that in ref to "leavin' on a jet plane"?

Re: gorgeous pictures

Yes indeed. Once the back of my head made the connection, it just keeps on going

and going

and going

not that Gord Lightfoot had either the bunny suit or the drum, but you know what I mean.

Re: gorgeous pictures

..yeah--'cept for me it's always joni mitchell...

Re: gorgeous pictures

Hang on - I think we have two different songs conflated here.

Joni Mitchell for Leaving on a Jet Plane, sure: but the song you're referencing is

in the early morning rain
with a dollar in my hand ....

and that's a Lightfoot song, I think. Maybe I should google on this before I make a bigger idiot of myself -

yes - here's the link:


Re: gorgeous pictures

heh! yup -- early old timers!

those are the kind of snow pictures I wanted to take.
they're really nice! especially the first one. what is it?

thanks, mary--re: the first one, see my response to agua_clara above

heheh! go north, young woman, go north!

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