Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

early to bed, early to rise...

..plus the dog alarm went off at 3am--she sees a shadow or hears a new sound and freaks till she's satisfied that things are ok--but by then i'm wide awake and have no hope of returning to sleep--so i trap her in the studio with me (so another fit of bark bark won't wake up m) and try to catch up on some things--after a while the pooch is bored and pacing and irritating so i let her out of here and now she's back in her bed, sound asleep and i'm on my second cuppa coffee--dogs! worse than kids sometimes--but at least they don't grow up and move off to college...

i hope the roads and commerce is back to normal today (more or less); i need to go get some materials--errands, another pain in the buttocks...

and what's with the east (japan, now korea)--seem to have a thing with terror in the subway--what a bastardly stunt--nightmare stuff

think i need some food now...
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